Monday, April 26, 2010

Petit Dejeuner

The summer before my senior year in college I had the amazing opportunity to visit Paris, France while studying abroad. We were there for three unforgettable days, filled with beautiful scenery and delicious French food. We enjoyed wine and cheese on the Champ de Mars at night during the Eiffel Tower's light show, crepes while waiting in line outside of Notre Dame, and the most scrumptious chocolate croissants every morning from the vendor across the street from our hotel.

So when the cravings for authentic French baked goods sets in, it's nice to know that there's a place in New Orleans where I can get those wonderful chocolate croissants and much more. La Boulangerie, literally meaning "Bakery" in French, is located on Magazine in between Cadiz and Valence Streets and is home to some of the best pastries and breads in the city. They have everything from fresh fruit tarts to olive bread, and during carnival season people go crazy for their authentic French King Cakes. We like to get an assortment boxed up to bring home for special weekends when friends are visiting. Nothing says "we love having you here!" like a box full of flaky, buttery pastries filled with fruit or chocolate. Be sure to bring cash because this bakery doesn't take anything else, and don't be surprised if the staff doesn't dish out loads of southern hospitality. They tend to be pretty busy in there and I think it reflects in their unwillingness to be incredibly helpful. So to ease the decision making process, here are some of our personal favorites: Apricot and Cherry danishes, Raspberry and Chocolate croissants, Brioche, and Raisin rolls.

I highly recommend La Boulangerie for a quick bite to eat before hitting up the shops on Magazine, or in our case, when your Saturday morning needs a little something sweet to remind you that the weekend is finally here.

Dr. Bob's artwork is proudly displayed all over the bakery

Croissant and danish heaven

It's obvious that the Sticky Buns are big enough to share, but I'm not sure I'd want to!

Gorgeous fruit tarts and eclairs

Our assortment: Peach, apricot, & cherry danishes; regular, raspberry, & chocolate croissants; brioche suisse (brioche filled with pastry cream and chocolate chips); raisin roll


  1. all true! just wanted to say that the paintings are by Simon! a very nice frenchman that has been here 20+ years. :)