Friday, April 30, 2010

Childhood is Calling

When I think of my favorite foods as a child, a few things always come to mind, but nothing can quite measure up to the pure joy that a trip to McKenzie's caused. Home to what many locals consider to be the best king cakes in the city, McKenzie's bakery on Prytania was definitely one of my favorite places for a sweet treat as a kid. I can still remember the sound the bell made when you opened the door, their display of king cakes that seemed to go on forever, and how I thought nothing was cuter than one of their pink petit fours decorated with a little green leaf.

In 2001, McKenzie's closed its doors for good, but not before selling some of its most popular recipes to Tastee Donuts, another local donut chain. Long-time McKenzie's fans were thrilled that they would still be able to enjoy the bakery's best sellers, such as their king cakes, jelly rolls, turtles, and buttermilk drops. The McKenzie's that I used to go to as a kid is now home to Creole Creamery, so whenever I need some sugar-coated joy I head out to the Tastee Donuts on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview. My most recent trip resulted in the purchase of buttermilk drops and turtles (pictured above). The turtles are shortbread cookies topped with chocolate frosting and chopped pecans, and the buttermilk drops are these round, cake-like donuts about the size of a tennis ball, covered in a sugary glaze. No matter if you grew up eating these tasty treats or not, one bite will definitely make you feel like a kid all over again.

Tastee Donuts: "It's a New Orleans Thing!"


  1. BUTTERMILK BALLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Buttermilk balls from McKenzie's = delicious childhood memories <3